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abs nylon rod abs nylon rod 1681457506524One would expect the final stage of the Final Fantasy 14 Skybuilders tool to be a victory lap. Instead, it becomes the hardest part of the entire tool quest line, including crafting, new materials, and even collecting collectibles.
Our final questline starts with “The Last Strange”, a conversation with Emeni in the Sanctuary (X: 9.7, Y: 14.6). This initial quest will set you up for the final update story, then start the Pinnacle of Possibilities quest located in the same location and then request the appropriate items depending on your class.
However, unlike the previous steps, you cannot use a “trained eye” to make crafts. Because these crafts are so-called “expert” crafts, no matter how equipped you are, Trained Eye cannot be used on expert crafts.
On their own, Expert Crafts are much more difficult than regular Crafts or even Collectible Crafts, and have new status conditions unique to such Crafts. You will also need to participate in the new state, as these expert recipes can only be completed manually. You can use macros when you equip these crafts, but even crafting an expert level at level 80 requires complex macros and a five-piece endgame gear at level 90. These rotations are even harder than the current level 90 endgame craft.
This collection class requires the collection of common items and collectibles. Instead of monotonous hidden items, these collectibles provide a refreshing change of pace. Even fish must be caught as collectibles.
This time, in order to exchange your items, you will unfortunately have to say goodbye to Dennis and say hello to your new friend Spanner. It is located on the firmament (X: 10.0, Y: 15.0) and allows you to trade everything for “incredibly accurate details” and “exceptionally fine details”.
Even though crafting expert items is one of the hardest in the game, reaching level 90 still makes them much easier than when you first started. This allows some simple macros to always guarantee maximum compileability.
Each Skybuilders tool requires 60 exceptionally thin parts. The craft of the highest collection gives you three items from each section, which means 20 crafts in each category. They function exactly like the previously updated goobbiegoo – you can trade collectibles for items, which in turn can be traded for new basic hand tools.
You can again buy some necessary crafting materials from two sources: White Scripts or Skybuilder Scripts. In the category “Master Recipes/Materials/Miscellaneous)” on any certificate exchange (for example, in Radz-at-Khan). Then set the subcategory “Blank Ticket Exchange (Level 80 Material)”. You can also purchase these materials using Skybuilder scripts by talking to Eni in the Firmament (X:12.0, Y:14.0) and selecting the “Scrips Skybuilders (Materials/Materials/Items)” tab.
Materials can be purchased for 45 White Certificates or 30 Non-Builder Certificates, for a total of 900 White Certificates or 600 Non-Builder Certificates per category.
However, now you will also need the Approved Tier 4 crafting material set to go along with the tokens. Like other materials, they are listed at the link below, but please note that you will only find them in the Circlet: a special collection area for instances, accessible through the Firmament.
However, you can also buy them from other players’ message boards if you want to skip the collection process.
As far as crafting goes, players level 90 and above don’t need to learn all the ins and outs of expert recipes. The following macros work for 3374 Craftmanship, 3549 Control and 570 CP without any food or buffs making them suitable for various modern stats. Additional spins are available that can be upgraded with higher stats. Feel free to use the in-game synthesizer trial feature or emulator to find a rotation that better matches your own stats.
/ac “muscle memory” /alternating current /ac respected /ac main job /ac “Intelligent compositing” /communication innovation /ac “Beautiful composite” /ac “primary contact” /ac “standard touch” /ac “Extended touch” /alternating current /communication innovation /ac “invisible touch” /ac “primary contact” /e macro #1 executed
/ac “standard touch” /ac “Extended touch” /communication innovation /ac “invisible touch” /ac “primary contact” /ac “Step” /ac “Barygoth’s Blessing” /ac “base composition” /e creation complete
To complete your collection set, you must collect 750 common items and 36 of the largest collectibles available. Although the item is fully collectible, you will receive seven “extremely difficult” parts for each class. Specifically, the last upgrade requires only 250. Regular stronghold props can be exchanged for 30 at a time, while an incredible exquisite part requires only 25 in exchange.
Of course, this time there are different places for collectibles and items needed for regular nodes.
To get the most out of your GP this time around, use GP for strong node rewards for your regular items and avoid capping your GP. Use Bountiful Yield/Harvest II to prevent this from happening when you’re nearing the limit.
As with some of the gathering materials needed to craft tools, these following items will require you to access the Crown: a special gathering area accessible from the Vault.
When collecting collectibles, you always want to reach collection level 1000. This usually involves twists like:
This time the fisherman needs two separate fish, both collectible. You need 200 Tricky Fishing Rod Parts and 200 Tricky Reel Parts. Flintstrike is used for the rod and Pickled Pom is used for the reel. You still need to use Signature Skyballs to catch this fish.
Shown below is each fish and its required collectible level for each level, given one, two, and four parts, respectively. However, you cannot guarantee the ability to collect fish, which means you cannot guarantee that you will need a certain amount of fish. It can vary from 400 to 100 fish depending on your luck and skills.
It is important to spend GP to maintain Patience II, which will increase the size of your fish and therefore their collection rate.

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